Despite the fact that I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day when in a relationship, this is another one I’m spending single and to be honest it does feel a bit shit and I get a bit sad; but then I remind myself of this day FIVE years ago. My first beanie double cuddle, and the first time they were reunited after being born more than two weeks earlier.

It reminds me that love comes in so many different ways and from such different people in our lives. The moment the beans were put on my chest five years ago, they reached out their little hands and found each other. They held hands and made little squeaks to each other. They also wrapped an arm around my side and slept on me. It was a love I’d never before felt and certainly never witnessed. It was pure, unconditional and absolutely instant.

Valentine’s Day is about LOVE. All love. If you’re struggling today and feeling alone, please remember that you’re not. You’re loved and you’re needed. You’re valued and you’re cherished. So to all of you out there, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! xx