The MerryBeans

I like to overshare things about my life so setting up my own blog seemed the next logical step.

09.10.20 – I’m back

Hey, I’m back. It’s been a while, huh? So when the pandemic hit I kinda experienced a bad time. As you guys know I’m a single mum so I was kinda isolated and all of sudden had these expectations to... Continue Reading →

14.03.2020 – Happy Valentines Day

Despite the fact that I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day when in a relationship, this is another one I’m spending single and to be honest it does feel a bit shit and I get a bit sad; but then I remind... Continue Reading →

24.01.2020 – Fucking mum guilt is killing me!

Okay so we all know mum guilt is a thing, but it’s starting to get out of control for me. Actually, guilt is starting to get out of control. What is the actual point in guilt? What does is achieve?... Continue Reading →

21.10.19 – I’m a queen I just don’t need to wear my crown. I know right, such a girl thing to say

If you have read any of my posts I think you’ll know that I am feminist and you’ll know that in my opinion all this really means is that men and women should be equal. Sadly, whether you like to... Continue Reading →

19.09.19 – Role modelling

I’m not one of those mums who are gonna be ‘best friends’ with their kids. I’m their mum I can’t be their bestie, the responsibilities would get blurry. However I do want to be one of their role models. I... Continue Reading →

21.06.19 – Craving validation and feeling like a twat for it

I’ve been thinking about validation. Human validation. Where do you get it from? Do you even need it? I reeeeeeeeally need it, which annoys the shit out of me. I crave it from my family, my friends, my employer sometimes... Continue Reading →

13.06.19 – An open letter to the Beans. I’m gonna make mistakes, I already have

The other day my mum apologised to me for any mistakes she made whilst I was growing up and it made me feel a bit sad. I’m sure she did make some mistakes, but that’s because as much I think... Continue Reading →

30.05.19 – This week I turned 33 and it was SHIT!

I turned 33 this week. I spent it in bed or on the sofa asleep. I phoned in sick to work, took the beans to nursery and wallowed in my own pit of self-hatred and sadness. Dark, right? To be... Continue Reading →

22.04.19 – I’m a single mum and I’m gonna date the living shit out of you. You ready?

Soooo I’ve kinda said a lot that I’m not gonna put myself out there and date, well I’ve changed my mind. It will defo be tricky because I come with A LOT of baggage, and that’s not just the beans.... Continue Reading →

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